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Image by Andrew Kliatskyi
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Client Background

Filmatics (Production house)

Filmatics is a boutique production studio offering a turn-key solution in film production. 

From pure performance capture to the abstract, avant-garde, or cutting-edge, producing an unforgettable music video from any budget.


April Henry

April Henry is an award-winning singer-songwriter and award-nominated actor originally from South Florida. She currently lives bicoastally between NYC and LA. She has performed on NBC6, iHeart Radio, CBS Radio, and other outlets and released several singles to critical acclaim and accolades.


The video's inspiration comes from the illustrative art of tarot cards, which are rich with magical, mystical, supernatural, and uncanny characters. Through this concept, we are exploring a woman's journey who explores her divine self and realizes that she is born to be a wildfire.


Combine video production and marketing to launch musician April Henry’s online brand

and presence by establishing an audience on IG and YouTube.


I am planning to create a video using AI-generated backgrounds and a live shoot.

Behind the scenes

Always need to get more things done in less time. 
Mistakes were made but it was all a learning experience.

Post Production and Visual Effects

The crucial part.

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