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Image by Andrew Kliatskyi



Category: Longform Ad (2023)

Director, Editor & Visual Effects: Vihang 

Producer: Filmatics

Lightning Fit, the world's leading authority in EMS fitness and therapy suit innovation, sought to produce top-tier promotional video content for its Los Angeles studio. The objective was clear: demonstrate the product's advantages to their target demographic, spotlighting Mobile EMS training and the forthcoming in-home EMS suit.

The task at hand was to create two distinct advertisements quickly within a limited timeframe.

My solution was to craft two scripts that could be filmed in a single location while maintaining their individual styles. We successfully executed this plan, filming both scripts in one location over the course of a day, with a cast of ten members. Following filming, we edited the footage into two unique videos, each tailored to convey the specific messages intended by the client.


& Behind the scenes

We rented a massive house and created 4 locations on one set.  

Promo 01

The approach to the first promo was to narrate a compelling tale by following characters who mirror our target audience. This narrative was brought to life through a series of intercuts and lifestyle-driven visual sequences. By doing so, potential customers could envision how the product and service seamlessly integrate into their daily routines, ultimately motivating them to engage with Lightning fit services.


To capture the desired energetic and playful tone, we utilized vibrant, saturated imagery accompanied by upbeat music. Dynamic camera movements and selective slow-motion shots were employed to showcase the product effectively and enhance the impact of EMS technology.

Promo 02

To distinguish it from the first, we took a creative approach to convey a powerful message of resilience. The story and the assertive voice-over drives the narrative. It's a motivating story that resonates emotionally, is shareable, and features 4-5 characters in different locations reflecting our audience. Inspiring viewers to overcome excuses, it highlights the Lightning Fit mobile session as the solution.


Fast cuts, dynamic low-angle camera movements, and high-intensity music convey energy and urgency, while the upbeat tone, coupled with assertive narration, explains Lightning Fit, its performance, and lifestyle with a touch of humor.


Director: Vihang

Executive Producer: Filmatics

Producer: Marlene Lacasse

Director of Photography: Martin Moody

Editor: Vihang & Anthony Gentile

Colorist: Mina Nabil

Filmatics, a specialized production studio based in Los Angeles, excels in crafting unforgettable music videos tailored to any budget, whether it's pure performance capture or exploring the realms of abstract, avant-garde, or cutting-edge.

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