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Image by Andrew Kliatskyi



Category: Music Video (Upcoming 2024)

Director, Editor & Visual Effects: Vihang 

Executive Producer: Elia Petridis 

Artist: April Henry

The moment I heard the song, I was excited! Its energy was electrifying, its allure was captivating, and its impact was profound. Understanding the artist's fascination with Tarot cards,

I proposed a concept that would embody the mystical and extraordinary. I suggested showcasing the archetypes of the Tarot and weaving a narrative around them, delivering a potent message.

Given our constraints of time and budget, I needed to devise a solution that was both feasible to execute and conveyed a sense of grandeur.


& Previsualization

The video drew inspiration from the evocative illustrations of Tarot cards, teeming with magical, mystical, and otherworldly characters. With this premise, we sought to delve into the journey of a woman as she delves into her innermost self, discovering her divine essence and embracing her inherent nature as a wildfire.

Our objective with the campaign was to merge video production and marketing strategies to kickstart musician April Henry's online brand and visibility, cultivating a following on Instagram and YouTube.

Our aim with the video production was to leverage AI technology to craft mystical and surreal imagery, transforming the landscape into an imaginative realm reminiscent of tarot cards.


& Behind the scenes

Shooting days often bring stress, as there's always a lot to accomplish in limited time. Thankfully, with a skilled and dedicated crew supporting me, we managed to capture 95% of the shots we aimed for. Each day presented valuable lessons, which we swiftly absorbed as we forged ahead.

The visual effects played a pivotal role in the video's impact. Our greatest challenge, yet ultimately most rewarding, was accomplishing our goal: utilizing AI to generate environmental images, transforming 2D visuals into immersive 3D, and seamlessly integrating them with the green screen footage. After three months of intensive work and the collaboration of three skilled visual effects artists, the video reached new heights of quality and immersion.


& Visual Effects


Green Screen Removal


Visual Effects


Director: Vihang

Executive Producer: Elia Petridis

Producer: Wendy Wang

Director of Photography: Allie Shultz

1st Asst Director: Michele B. McGraw

Production Designer: Brando MacLure

Art Director: Drew Wilson

Make-up: Mara Rouse

Hair: Pavy Olivarez

Gaffer: Dan Eckert

Best Boy Electric: Harris Smith

Editor: Russ Senzatimore

Visual Effects: Nikola Bobic, Kalleheikki Kannisto,Rumia Bloch

Colorist: Vihang

Filmatics, a specialized production studio based in Los Angeles, excels in crafting unforgettable music videos tailored to any budget, whether it's pure performance capture or exploring the realms of abstract, avant-garde, or cutting-edge. Collaborating with Filmatics is April Henry, an acclaimed singer-songwriter who has showcased her talents on renowned platforms such as NBC6, iHeart Radio, CBS Radio, and more, earning recognition for her multiple singles.

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